IQ is dropping. Do we need a more intelligent society?

I listened to a talk on the decline of intelligence between Edward Dutton & Benjamin A Boyce. The decline is exacerbated by less intelligent people having more children & more intelligent people having less children, among other factors.

He talks about the implications of a less intelligent society & it got me thinking.

For decades, people were getting smarter, as measured by IQ. Flynn discovered that average IQ scores had been rising about three points per decade since World War II. That all changed with people now in their 40s.

The drop in IQ is generally thought to have begun with those born in the mid-70s & has not reversed. Research shows the IQ scores of young people are now dropping by seven points every generation.

What we need is a more conscious society, not merely a more intelligent one. Of course they are related, but an intelligent person without consciousness or virtue is probably the most dangerous type of person in modern society for technology concentrates power & gives an intelligent person a disproportionately greater impact than they ever could have had.

Especially as society is often deliberately dumbed down due to an unending need for power and control. They wage wars for profit, spray toxic chemicals on our food, place neurotoxins in the water, commodify attention and live lives disconnected from nature.

We have created a centralised but disconnected, individualistic, materialistic society in the west. What we need is a decentralised but interconnected society. That way the parts can function as a whole & we can live in greater harmony & balance with each other & nature. The downward trend in intelligence is true but can very easily be misinterpreted as needing to suppress breeding by the unintelligent, paving the dangerous path towards eugenics.

We must look at the root cause of this trend which includes diet, lifestyle, environment, greed & propaganda which very often are manipulated by very intelligent people.

A more intelligent, more technological but less conscious society may actually lead to a more chaotic society as it doesn't target the root cause of the problem which is a consciousness one.

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