What is true health & how can we take full responsibility for it

For 15 yrs I was prescribed topical steroids, antihistamines, antibiotics & petrochemical personal care products for eczema. I was repeatedly told that steroids are safe & effective.

When I suggested my skin might be becoming tolerant I was dismissed & told 'so long as you use them sparingly you can not become addicted'. When I was older I looked back at my prescriptions & realised they were continually increasing in potency. The business: me The model: subscription.

At 12, I asked my dermatologist Ms. Walman whether diet & eczema were connected as my skin would often flare with processed or fried foods. 'Kevan, there is no conclusive evidence that diet & eczema are correlated'. So I trusted the 'expert' with her illusion of authority & ignored my instinct. I continued my government food pyramid diet (turns out it was funded by industry).

What would society look like if a doctors income was tied to the the patient health outcomes? What would society look like if doctors extensively studied nutrition, herbal medicine, sound healing, meditation & the basic pillars of health?

Remember, health is not the absence of disease or symptoms. Health is the flourishing & harmonic balance of the mind, body & soul physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

We must take full responsibility for our health, for we are the only ones who will make decisions where our health is the top priority.

Equip yourself with the ability to discern information & question it critically. Learn how to read scientific papers, view data in context, look at the sample size/study design, conflicts of interest, whether the study is double blinded, look at a variety of opinions, who funds the research, manufacturer liability/history of safety, any long term implications & the mode of action.

There are many parallels relevant today & I'm grateful to have experienced what health is not.

I wrote The Conscious Health Bible as a system for skin health in all areas of life & created Aether @aetherhealth to help empower others to balance their health & not have to go through what I did.

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