How many ingredients are in your skincare?

Count the ingredients! A friend of mine recently shared his morning routine with me to get my opinion.

He was shocked to see the sheer number of ingredients in his high end cosmeceutical skincare & the number of petrochemical, silicone, filler, ethoxylated & non physiological ingredients in them.

Although they have some beneficial, ingredients they are generally optimised to feel & smell amazing. To get an amazing skin feel use multiple types of silicones & polymers. Look for anything with 'cone', 'polymer', 'conol', 'polyacrylate'. These glide on the skin & help it feel extremely smooth but build up over time & can not be metabolised by the skin. The same applies to petrochemicals.


If you have sensitive or problem skin, any single ingredient can cause issues especially if there are multiple essential oils, harsh preservatives, ethoxylates & non bio-compatible ingredients.

Instead, we use skin identical, clean, clinically proven ingredients that we personally tested for 6 years. We don't use 1300 banned substances, 26 common cosmetic allergens, fragrances, colours, petrochemicals, GMO's & toxins to nurture the most sensitive skin.

All our products contain less than 10 ingredients unlike most natural brands. We source consciously, are vegan, cruelty free & halal while using biodegradable ingredients & minimal, recyclable packaging. Who says problem skincare needs to be beige?

Aether is the world's first Natraceutical range, fusing natural, cosmeceutical & biocompatible ingredients in minimal, hypoallergenic formulas.

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