Aethos: A Manifesto

Our raison d'être or reason for being. Aether is our expression, our gift, our small way of making the world a better place. This philosophical Aethos drives everything we do.

We exist to lift the skin & health consciousness of mankind.

Our lifelong experience with eczema, drives us to offer the best possible solution to chronic skin problems with products, advice & experiences to empower your mind, body & soul. Nobody should have to suffer due to greed, toxicity & conflicting advice. Join us on our mission to improve 1 Million Lives. Realise Yourself.

1. Be a force for good.

We choose to be a force for good in this world. A force for positive social, environmental and health change in everything we do. Health, life and nature are sacred and must be protected. Now, more than ever, we must align to lift our consciousness, reconnect with nature and restore the balance of our ecosystems.

We know what it is like to have our health compromised by toxic, irritating ingredients and poor diet and lifestyle choices. We prioritise health in all aspects of our being including with our products, services, suppliers, partners and recommendations. Everything we do is designed to make a positive impact on your life, to help you realise your highest potential.

We use our products as do our friends and family. Our community include infants, children and those with skin and immune problems so health is our absolute priority. We use the cleanest, safest, most effective ingredients with products that support human health, other species and the environment.

2. Empower people & community.

We believe in empowering people with the information, products & support to realise their highest potential. We imagine a world where people are not restricted by their skin & health so they can truly flourish.

We believe in ingredient transparency & don't hide our ingredients behind blanket terms like 'fragrance'. Any recommendations we make are derived from extensive research, scientific consideration & personal experience. However, everyone is unique so we encourage you to find what works for you.

We believe in connecting people & empowering community. One that lifts & supports each others health & wellbeing. We are all connected.

3. Obsess over quality.

We consider everything we do. We do not add any ingredients for the sake of marketing. We only use the most effective, well researched, essential ingredients with less than ten ingredients in all products.

We are conscious of every single ingredient we use including its processing method, skin compatibility, irritation potential & quality. For example, all our vegetable oils are mechanically extracted without solvents or heat to retain the highest quality.

We tried countless oils, preservative systems, emulsifiers, humectants & active ingredients. We reviewed hundreds of academic articles about the skin while developing our products. We performed over 1000 tests across 6 years to create our cream & its skin mimicking formula. We even housed it in airless pump jar to avoid finger, air & UV contact.

4. Act consciously in all you do.

We are conscious of our impact on people, our planet & other species. We are vegan, cruelty free & inclusive. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced, 100% natural, organic where possible & GMO free. We are also Halal as we are vegan, alcohol & petrochemical free.

We are conscious of the environment, our packaging, partners & recommendations. Our products are designed to help you rebalance your skin health. For this reason we don’t use dimethicone or petrochemicals which your skin can not metabolise. We also recommend you use the minimal amount of our cream to supplement, not completely occlude your skin. We don't create products with short term results but long term adverse effects either.

We aim to minimise our environment impact & are conscious of how we formulate, package & transport our products. They are essentially formulated, concentrated & minimally packaged. We use biodegradable, sustainably sourced, ingredients that can be metabolised & do not harm the environment. We don't use microplastics, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, triclosan, BHA, BHT or chemical sunscreens. Waste water facilities are not designed to filter these chemicals so they end up disturbing the ecology of water systems.

Our clay & soap berries are waterless to minimise packaging. We use glass for smaller packaging & recyclable paper & plastic for larger ones. This ensures that they are lighter for transport. We are constantly looking to improve our footprint & are considering a number of novel non plastic alternatives.

5. Promote true health, not skincare.

We believe in expanding the way people think about skincare. To move from skincare to skin health. We are not a skincare company. We are a health movement & a platform for self realisation in all aspects of life.

We believe that skincare is more than just the skincare products you use. Skincare is an important piece of the puzzle, but it's just a piece. True health is the balance of the physical, mental & spiritual. Diet, lifestyle, environment, mental health, meaning, growth & community are all critical pillars of health.

We believe in understanding the root causes of your skin & health problems. We understand the shortcomings of symptom management & the devastating effect it can have on the quality of your life.

Health is too narrowly defined. We want to expand its definition to include modalities that expand consciousness, meaning & connection including meditation, sound therapy, nature immersion, philosophy & community building.

A venn diagram of The Flower of Health

Aether: A Manifesto

A symbol. A tribute. A testament.
A symbol. For self realisation, harmonic living & the uplifting of the mind, body & soul of humanity.
A tribute. To the strength, resilience & greatness of the human spirit.
A testament. To the ability to show love, courage & conviction in the face of incredible pain.

What is more beautiful than growing from your pain?
To unwavering self belief.
To the development of your own truths.
To the reclamation of responsibility for your own health.
To the transformation of your greatest pain to your greatest calling.
To the conscious creation of your life.
To the freedom of your mind, body and soul.

A ripple, an example, a movement.
A good teacher creates good students.
A great teacher creates great teachers.
To a ripple of healing; physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.
To an example of a conscious, harmonious way of living.
To a life of more joy, awe & wonder.
To remembering our true nature.
To a movement of liberation in consciousness, community & creation.

A dedication to:
The misunderstood.
The forgotten.
The invisible.
The outcasts.
The warriors.
The strong.
The brave.
The great.
The Aetheric.
The All.

Aether for humankind.