Trust Your Inner Rhythm - Alex Akal

We connected our friend Alex Akal, multi instrumentalist and teaching pioneer with Raj and Rokas from the Man in the Making Podcast to talk about the power of music in teaching, childhood development and cultural exchange.

Wisdom comes in all forms and it was incredible to hear Alex's unique life journey and philosophy behind music, culture and global unity. Alex was the first musician on their podcast. We believe in having cross disciplinary conversations and knowledge exchange and musicians and artists have a great deal of wisdom to share with the world.

Alex has pioneered an innovative new method of teaching using interactive music classes to connect children to other cultures by experiencing the instruments and music styles played by different tribes, countries and ethnic minorities around the world.

Alex unites music with history, geography, anthropology, civic education and psychology in order to expand the consciousness of the next generation. It is a simple, embodied, practical, enjoyable and powerful way to diffuse culture, learn new skills, develop flow, self confidence and a sense of connection among the students. 

His educational method puts world music at the core allowing the children to connect to different cultures and tribes in an enjoyable way, to develop the appreciation and interest for people who have different habits and different looks.

During these classes, kids are also invited to sing and play without worrying about being right or wrong, and this greatly boosts their self-confidence. Alex understands the ability for music to be in flow, prevent overthinking and to help us to trust our inner rhythm. 

Music is truly the universal language, breaking down artificial cultural barriers and discrimination: 'Music is a medicine against racism'. By experiencing, appreciating and sharing instruments from around the world, Alex is helping to create a more open minded, culturally appreciative generation.

We believe his model can be scaled in to preschools, schools as well as tertiary, adult and corporate education globally. In late 2021, our founder Kevin co-hosted a community music fundraising event bringing together artists, musicians, dancers and the homeless and squatting community. He organised a core group of musicians including Alex and others who jam well together to help kickstart the event of almost 200 people. 

The event started with an opening ceremony, which consisted of group meditation, visualisation, chanting, a philosophy talk and intention setting before an organic ecstatic dance enveloped, using live music. We handed out various instruments to the crowd and people were encouraged to express themselves freely. There were people and instruments from all over the world singing, dancing and playing together as one. This was a true testament to the connecting power of music.

In this podcast episode Alex talks about his mission is to spread the knowledge he has learnt from different tribes and cultures around the world through music, outreach and education. They also talk about his journey, shamanic background, how people connect through music, lessons from different cultures, awareness, being your authentic self and his plans for the future. 

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