How I was failed by the medical system & 'trusted the science' for 18 years.

When you 'trust the science' for the first 18 years. It's 'safe & effective' they said. Topical steroids & the traditional western medical system almost ruined my life as I entrusted them with eczema.

I saw the top doctors & dermatologists in Australia. Topical steroids were 'safe & effective' they said, with 'no side effects' so long as they were 'used sparingly'.

My skin became addicted to topical steroids, needing increasingly stronger doses to maintain their effect.

They thinned my skin, suppressed my adrenal glands & made my body dependent on an external source of anti-inflammatory.

Due to the skin thinning, my skin was often itchy & infected, which of course allowed them to give me strong courses of topical & oral antibiotics & antihistamines.

It was all symptom suppression. Not health. Their business model was subscription & I was their product.
Turns out they barely learn nutrition or the full spectrum of health tools.

I had asthma, food allergies, chronic fatigue & my skin was sensitive to everything. My entire body was itchy, raw, dry, painful & often infected despite seeing all the top doctors & dermatologists. At 18, with little hope left I suffered from
a depressive episode.

If life was to be worth living I needed to take full control of my health. I would forget everything I had been told & start fresh. I would track everything.
I don't know I managed to do so, but I somehow brought myself back from the brink of destruction. I stopped all steroids, removed toxins from my life, created my own diet, healed my gut & started exercising.

Now I've launched Aether to empower others to live fully & freely, unrestricted by their skin & health.
What is more beautiful than growing from your pain?

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