Awareness, Enlightenment, The Fundamentals of Reality & New Earth

What is the root cause of most of the problems in society?
In an illusory world, what is real?
How might a deeper understanding of the fundamental nature of reality help shape life on earth?

When one does not transmute their pain, they end up hurting others with the same type of pain they went through, as an attempted healing strategy. 
Yet eventually their head, their body, their heart & their soul will grow weary as they become consumed by hate, division, fighting, separation, revenge & the extremities of the ego. They will then learn what happens when they become their own worst enemy. It's heavy, unfulfilling, energetically wasteful & relies on superficial means of satisfaction.

Although each is on their own journey & take their own strategies to gain a feeling of importance, deal with their mortality/immortality & realise who they are, it's not too difficult to see that the more disconnected someone is from themselves, others & all, the lower their level of consciousness is likely to be.

Yet as a systems thinker might say, behaviour over time is most indicative of the nature of a complex system. If I observe my own consciousness, I observe the universe & I observe life, I see that all conscious beings become more conscious over time.

Consciousness is awareness of being, of existing, of experiencing. The level of consciousness of a being is their awareness of being in relation to the Self (inner/outer), Other (peoples/species) and All (nature, universe, God etc) as well as their awareness of the interconnection between these three major categories of existence.  

Many of the problems we see in the world stem from a disconnection between the Self, Others & All. Most people do not know who they really are & are identified by transient & changing labels & constructs such as their job, money, role, religion or physical features. Yet if they keep changing & you haven't always been identified by them, then how can they really be the real you? What's actually stable about you your entire life? It's that inner conscious awareness. 

From this disconnection from self, people tend to view & interact with others from these superficial levels. They don't perceive that they are nature, not just a part of it or separate from it. When people are too disconnected from their true self, other beings & their grander connection with all of existence, they tend to act in selfish, individualistic ways without deep regards for the impact of their actions nor the benefit of the system as a whole. They tend to resort to more superficial ways of feeling important or good about themselves in the moment, through consumerism, hunger for power & control, escapism, hedonism through drugs, alcohol & sex etc, oppressing & judging others, avoiding taboo topics such as death, playing God & trying to push their seemingly 'superior' ideology without deep empathy, consideration or respect for the unique wisdom, cultures & alternative viewpoints that exist outside of their insular world. 

This is how you have atrocities such as genocides & illegal occupations of nations occurring. It's from a system that systemises disconnection as a power centralisation strategy. Disconnection from yourself. How you perceive & relate to other people. With your connection with nature. A system that engineers division, breeds hate & teaches propaganda rather than critical thinking. The sort of system that would itself facilitate the public terror attack themselves so they can justify occupation. One in which they have a financial incentive to keep war going & ultimately use to try to centralise power & governance. Textbook problem, reaction, solution. There's a military saying that distills this sort of disconnected philosophy: 'Not for the hate of the enemy but for the love of our country'. 

So what is real in a world of illusion? All the seemingly solid matter you see is actually almost all empty space. Just energy. This matter apparently makes up less than 5% of the material world. What you perceive in this reality is based on the less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum you can perceive with your senses. Illusory at the building block, pixel level.

Everything else from religion, to food, to the news media, to culture, fashion, music, your job is also part of an engineered cultural system that has become increasingly centralised over time. Made to be so pervasive, so normal, so unquestioned that you think it is all there is to existence. The Matrix metaphorically speaking if you will. Illusory from the social, mental, cultural level.

So in a world of illusion, what is real?

The most fundamental reality about existence is that I am aware.

We all are. There isn't a moment whether in the waking, sleeping, lucid or meditative state, whether conscious or unconscious where you are not experiencing. Who I am I can't be sure of & that is an infinite process of creation, discovery & relativity.

Reality is illusory by multiple means of extrapolation. From you perceiving less than 1% of the light & sound spectrum, the perception of colour to be subjective based on the number & type of eye cones you have, to the atom being over 99.9% empty space. Your religion, national identity & political affiliations are all surface level constructs. Far less fundamental than say the fields of reality from which the fundamental particles emerge from.

Some of your surface constructs may contain wisdom & may have been noble in their conception. Yet they are powerful control structures for they influence the values, morals & beliefs of society. A key observation a discerning being would make when accessing any system of ideology is to look at whether that system is facilitating interconnection or promoting disconnection.

So reality is illusory, ideology is a construct & all we can be sure of is that we are having a conscious/subconscious experience of Awareness. Who it is that is having the experience is in question. Yet Awareness is not. Otherwise you would not be experiencing & reading or hearing this thought piece right now. Therefore, Awareness is all we can be sure of that is fundamental. We can observe that Awareness can be embodied in different forms of matter. We can observe that conscious beings become more conscious over time. Their level of awareness of being in relation to the self, other and all increases as well as becomes more interconnected.

So if Awareness is all that is fundamental, if behaviour over time is indicative of the nature of a system & if individuated embodied units of awareness become more interconnected over time, we can infer that we are All One Awareness.

We are All One.

If we are One Awareness, One Mind could we have deliberately fractalised, divided or multiplied our Awareness in order to experience different aspects of ourself? To escape solitude? As an expression, a mental exercise, a thought experiment? Or perhaps creation is innate to Conscious Awareness just like swimming is innate to a fish or breathing is innate to a human.

So who are you really?

So, If we are to be sure about anything it's that we are having a conscious experience of awareness. So who is it that is perceiving the experience? Now that's a great illusion as well. Yet we can infer the likely truth through abstraction. 
Most people if I ask them who they are might say some combination of their societal labels. Their job, their religion, their name, their role in society. Yet if they are constantly changing & you weren't always that then who were you before that?

Then through introspection, meditation or logical abstraction you might start to perceive yourself as being that inner awareness or soul. Each with their own characteristics that you tend to become more aware about by going through life experiences & observing your behavioural tendencies. 
From this perspective, or frame of reference, the sense of you is still from an embodied, dualistic perception. Even when you are dreaming & take on different characters or avatars during it. 
Your inner awareness is perceiving the rest of the field of perception from one point of view. There is relativity & duality from which you frame your perception of self. There's a distinction between your point of view & the external world.

Yet this distinction is most likely an illusion & you have a working example in your dream. You create the entire world in your head, with its own rules of physics, you make up all the scenes, staging & characters, yet in all dreams you take the perspective of one character from which to experience from. Yet if it's all a mental construction, you are technically also the objects, the rules, the characters, the background as well as the dreamer of the world beyond the actual interface. 
It's a bit like a self designed game that metaphorically mirrors your own subconscious.

Sometimes you can become lucid within your dream where you realise you are dreaming & are also playing all the characters. Now, as a character in the dream world, your sense of self might change. You may be able to change characters, scenes at will & have your awareness flying around without being in form. Yet even from this perspective, there is a distinction between your sense of self awareness and the environment around you. 

You can see that patterns of life such as the golden ratio are self similar across scales of life so the dream is likely a small example of how the illusion of life is created. It's all mental. It's all composed of Awareness. You just forget when you are embodied in an avatar, in a virtual sort of world with relatively stable environmental parameters, while you are perceiving sensory information. 

Taken even further, a small number of long term meditators, mystics & psychonauts & near death experiencers have been able to experience a state of non duality & lived to tell of their experiences, however impossible. Throughout history, people have been able to experience a state where there is little to no distinction between their awareness & their perception. Imagine a soup of fundamental fields of impossibly complex geometry, in every colour you can think of. You are looking at it. Now imagine you aren't looking at it, but you become it. You are the entire thing. There is no distinction between you & your environment & it is moving in every moment. Impossible to imagine but possible for one to experience through meditation or potent psychedelics like DMT, ayahuasca, changa etc. Yet you can only see what you are really ready to experience & comprehend, it's not a standardised response people have to DMT. 

At the same time it is possible to experience that there is the presence of some sort of hyperintelligent, multidimensional, superawareness that wasn't human that pervades this soup of fundamental fields alluding to the likelihood that there are other forms of consciousness that can exist in other dimensions of reality & that it was possible to have your sense of stable embodied conscious awareness completely dissolved while still being aware.

At the height of the experience all the complex geometry, the superawareness, it all dissolved. All that was left was pure awareness. The drop of water that thought it was separate became the sea. For the first time in my life, I had the perspective of being both the drop & the sea. I was everything & therefore nothing as well as there was nothing from which anything else could be relative to or from. It was like I revealed the Grand Cosmic Joke to myself. The question I had asked about all my life. Revealed in an instant. With my perception of life, reality, consciousness & self completely shattered in an instant. I didn't know if I should laugh, cry, sigh a joy of relief, breakdown in to existential anguish, exhale as a weight had also been lifted, be in awe at the sheer beauty of it all or go crazy from the overload of everything happening all at once.

As I go through life experiences, layer upon layer upon layer of illusion is broken down. The artificial sense of self is broken down. Then the inner self is completely obliterated. The fundamental building blocks & fields of reality are gone. The Magician/Architect superawareness, is gone. Beyond all the illusions & all the interfaces & all that is left is pure Awareness.

Now you realise there really is no self as you know it. Neither are there really all these separate selves. There's actually just One Mind & it's Pure Awareness. Everything else is an illusion. A multifaceted, complex, convincing one at that. If it wasn't so, the game of hide & seek wouldn't be very interesting. Nor would the poker game if you knew all the hands. 

Your perspective of Self is relative to the frame of perception from which you are experiencing from. The irony is, to really know yourself you have to be willing to destroy yourself. To let go of everything you have been taught to believe about yourself, what you want the self to be & to be able to face the brutally hard yet beautiful truth. It's not a red or blue pill option. It's a holographic pill. As bitter as the pill is, the true beauty is that I now have directly experienced how everyone & everything is connected & I am a better Self, Soul, Spirit & Source for it. 

Integrating Wisdom

This deeper state of experiencing the self is a long & difficult process. If people are willing to apply some basic logic & put aside their ego, they should be able to deduce that them being conscious & having an experience of awareness is all they can really be sure of. I say 'first hand experience is greater than third hand knowledge'. I encourage people to value their direct personal experience as the highest form of wisdom if truth & growth is their highest virtue & guiding force. It's not to say third hand knowledge doesn't have value, especially if it has lasted over time. It also makes sense to tap the rich tapestry of wisdom & information we have built up collectively over time. Yet in a world of delusion & illusion it makes sense to not just blindly accept any idea or concept no matter how many times it is repeated or how normalised it has become. If it is interesting & resonates, treat it as a hypothesis & turn it in to a direct personal experience. The more important the theme, the more rigorously it should be tested. You are essentially building an interconnected model of reality & so your ability to grade the quality of information is key. Yet the deepest forms of wisdom go beyond what can be contained in an object or in words. You can describe & study a colour all you want but nothing compares with seeing it. You can analyse the notes of a song all you want but nothing compares to hearing it. You can study the history & nuances of love but nothing compares to feeling it & being in love.

If we realise who who we are, even at the soul level we treat others more respectfully & interact in a deeper way. We are less prone to being manipulated. If we trust our own experience, value it highly & don't just blindly accept authority we would have a much healthier society. For 18 years I blindly trusted doctors, dermatologists, immunologists, my parents, the school, the Government diet for my chronic eczema & it almost ended my life. From rock bottom, sat at the base of the shower, having no hope to live I surrendered. I wasn't even spiritual at that time. Something inside me said, you've trusted everyone except for yourself. It's time to let go of everything you've ever been told & rebuild yourself from rock bottom with the stones of courage, truth & compassion. 

I thought of the amount of pain I endured as one person & multiplied it by millions & maybe billions if I included the future. I thought if I can save myself I can help save countless lives & they won't have to go through what I did. Scratching, bleeding, tired, stressed, misunderstood, itchy & not sleeping properly for the first 18 years of my life. To go to bed with a little hope only to regularly have that hope stepped on time & time again as the latest diet or cream failed. One can only be stepped on so many times before you have no hope. Once you have no hope you lose the will to live. So if you're reading this & you've gone through any chronic skin or health problems, thank you. You helped save my life, have something to live for & have a higher purpose. It's why I created Aether & why I put out my ideas, philosophies & products. It's all to help people become the best version of themselves & to help create a more conscious interconnected world. 

For when you feel interconnected with everyone & everything you don't sell products you wouldn't use yourself. You don't prescribe addicted steroids & medication that you know does long term damage if used frequently over time. You don't poison the food & the water. You don't artificially take over the medical education system so all they can do is promote your pharmaceutical products rather than real health. All their actions stem from a state of unconscious behaviour. When you have an autoimmune condition all your life, where every little thing from the food, to the clothing, laundry powder, mindset, water, products, air you contact can effect you, you start being extremely good at understanding the interconnection of variables & how to truly solve a problem. 

My obsession with understanding health & consciousness stems from my pattern of observation across my life, living around the world in different industries & countries, interacting with people from all backgrounds. As I could not take anything for fact I let life by my teacher & myself to be a good student. I can see that most of the problems of society at their root, stem from a consciousness problem. So just like with an autoimmune condition that's gone out of hand, there's no use treating the symptoms if you want lasting long term health. You have to treat the root cause of the problems & that's disconnection. 

A more peaceful world.

This is how you bring about true world peace & a higher state of being. You've played out the other route for aeons & now you are again at the fork in the road. Programs can be run infinitely & concurrently with small changes in variables to see how they play out over time. The endless fighting & disconnection route is so boring, such a waste of resources physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Yes you can always learn from disasters but don't you want to move on to more enjoyable games?

Imagine a New Earth.

One where all beings understand their interconnection. They are sharing their foods, sounds, designs, wisdom & culture in a way they never have before leading to never before seen levels of innovation & creativity. People are truly educated & become open minded, philosophically curious & encouraged to express the highest version of themselves.

Most people won't be stuck in the daily 9-5 rut, eating poison & counting down the hours. People become less religious & more spiritual & philosophical, with the core tenet of understanding that we are All One. New ways of decentralised more natural living will emerge.

Most will have edible gardens, you will know your neighbours & trade food with them, people will have access to clean drinking water without neurotoxins & because food production becomes more localised there'll be a greater diversity of it, without such a reliance on monoculture & toxic pesticides. There are protected areas close to all denser places of living which are light pollution protected so people can regularly connect with the majesty of the starry night. There'll be communal parks with bonfires where people dance, sing, share stories & socialise together.

Music undergoes a major revolution reflecting the dramatic shift in consciousness of society. People from a much greater diversity of backgrounds & ages will start making music, music fuses the richness of various cultures & venues, community centres, music circles & rave spaces will flourish paving the way for many more genres of music to emerge. After going through such a long period of disconnection the music embodies wisdom, acknowledges the past & points to the future but from a much deeper place. The soul of music is reignited. Even pop music will have soul.

More people will be doing what they love, people value personal experience over propaganda & society becomes largely decentralised but spiritually interconnected, moving away from the centralised but disconnected structures of the past.