The benefits of bathing in sound

One of my favourite energising things to do is a sound bath. A meditative, self care experience where you allow the power of sound to induce a deeply relaxed, altered state of consciousness. You aren't asleep or awake, it's this in between. This inward, expansive, rebalancing and deeply relaxed state.

Sound therapy activates the parasympathetic nervous system or our ‘rest and digest state' and disengages the fight or flight response. It also significantly reduces stress levels which effects the immune system. Sound has been used in meditation and healing across the world for thousands of years. You could also argue that classical concerts are also a sound bath.

I think a sound bath likely helps recalibrate us and negate many of the effects of noise pollution. If we are nature, it's important to distance ourselves from the noise pollution of traffic, static, TV, construction, sirens, most pop music and listen to pure natural tones regularly. Maybe that's part of the reason we like listening to the oceans and rivers. Maybe some sounds subconsciously remind us that we are in a safe environment.

I highly recommend everyone to try a sound bath especially if you are trying to meditate and struggle. It helps you let go of overthinking and just be completely there with the moment.

Elizabeth Broderick from Anicca playing a tibetan singing bowl and Gong. She holds regular multisensory gong baths across London and explores the science of sound in her Anicca podcast.