2022 Alignment Guided Meditation, Tuning sound bath & Humanity Prayer Visualisation.

Special Alignment guided meditation, tuning sound bath & visualisation inspired by 22022022.

I met Marie last year at the Hemp Festival in Glastonbury while on my way to the juice bar. 

She was like an angelic, whimsical, forest fairy mother, big blue eyes, flowing long hair & with such a calming, high frequency energy. We connected deeply while both sipping on juice & I saw something special .

I introduced her to my friends & encouraged her to channel some healing words while guitar played in the background. 

So proud of her for now recording her guided meditations. Here's a special version I put together for this day. 

 At the end there's a crystal bowl sound bath that tunes your chakral points as each bowl is a different note.

I often listen to her before sleep, enjoy!

22 February 2022 (22.02.2022), palindrome day is unusual because it’s also an ambigram, meaning that on a calculator it can be read upside down in exactly the same way.

This has only happened once before more than a thousand years ago on 11.01.1011. There will never be a 33.03.3033 as there is not month with 33 days in it, so it really is a unique date. There will also be the 22.2.2222, but that will fall on a Friday instead of a Tuesday.

May you align to you in 2022. 
Realise your highest self physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.
Let go of what no longer serves you. 
Actively create and emboody more of what you want.

Remember to connect with;
Self, other and whole. 
Understand your self (inner & outer), others (species & people) & whole (nature, universe, source). 

Realise yourself. 

Kevan Kwok.

Meditation by Marie Crystal Rose, Sound Bath by Dynasty Electrik & Visualisation by Kevan Kwok & Aether Health.



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