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'Wonder is the beginning of wisdom'.


What is true health & how can we take full responsibility?

For 15 yrs I was prescribed topical steroids, antihistamines, antibiotics & petrochemical products for eczema. I was repeatedly told that steroids are safe & effective. When I suggested my skin might be becoming tolerant I was dismissed & told 'so long as you use them sparingly you can not become addicted'.


Why do certain fabrics irritate your skin & make you itchy?

Certain fabrics such as wool, man-made fabrics like acrylic, polyester, rayon, acetate, nylon and wrinkle resistant fabrics tend to cause more skin irritation due to the chemicals that are used to create them. Fabrics on clothing and furniture can also collect dust and irritants so make sure to wash them regularly.


How many ingredients are in your skincare?

Count the ingredients! A friend of mine recently shared his morning routine with me to get my opinion. He was shocked to see the sheer number of ingredients in his high end cosmeceutical skincare & the number of petrochemical, silicone, filler, ethoxylated & non physiological ingredients in them.


When you blindly 'trust the science'.

It's 'safe & effective' they said. Topical steroids & the traditional western medical system almost ruined my life as I entrusted them with eczema.I saw the top doctors & dermatologists in Australia. Topical steroids were 'safe & effective' they said, with 'no side effects' so long as they were 'used sparingly'.


Physical vs. Chemical Suncreens

Chemical sunscreens provide UV protection by absorbing into your skin & then transforming UV rays into infrared rays (heat). Yet they can disrupt hormones, increase the likelihood of skin irritation & are systemically absorbed after a single use. Physical suncreens reflect & deflect rays instead.


Inside London’s secretive underground mystical scene

An inside look at the alternative spiritual scene in London including shamanic ceremonies, psychedelic parties, sound immersions, sweat baths & chanting circles by National Geographic. Featuring Kevan Kwok & his communal sound event 'Ecstatic Playground'.


Just Be

A beautiful poem inspired by the stillness, serenity & beauty of the sea & appreciating the moment. Just be, In the stillness of the breeze, In the blueness of the seas,In the beauty of your being. Let go, Like waves to & fro...


10 powerful quotes to inspire your meditation practice

What is meditation, what are the benefits & how might it help you? 'Meditation is about embracing what is happening to this organism as it touches its environment in this moment. I do not reject the experience of the mystical'.


I know nothing.

Kevan's philosophical musings on the concepts of creation, agency, the self, beliefs, consciousness & human nature. The more I know, the more I know I don't.


My Life During TSW Film

Raw heartfelt short film about the lived experience of TSW by warrior Cecillia French. Directed by 2X Emmy Award Winner Carlos Torres & Karen Torres.


Interdimensional Art by Psyclops Art

Nicholas Gonzalez aka Psyclops Art creates digitally hand drawn inter-dimensional art to help inspire & expand your inner world.


Alignment meditation, sound bath & prayer

Special Alignment Guided Meditation, Chakra Tuning sound bath & Prayer for Humanity Visualisation inspired by 22022022. Remember to connect with; Self, other and whole. 


Who are you? Your most important philosophical question.

Most people would answer that with a combination of external, material labels. Yet you are more than your skin, religion, looks, clothes, political beliefs, labels, job, education, nationality, opinions or status...

Know yourself

The Energetic State of Food

I noticed that each time after my weekly ramen, I would feel mentally a bit down for a few days. Could I be absorbing the stress hormones of the pigs? Knowing that everything is made of energy, I started to think about food as energy.


Mindfulness & Active Recovery: The Next Fitness Wave

How Kevin integrated meditation in to his life to manage stress & improve focus. The Toronto Star explores the next wave in fitness & the growth in meditation, mindfulness & active recovery.


The benefits of bathing in sound

One of my favourite energising things to do is a sound bath. A meditative, self care experience where you allow the power of sound to induce a deeply relaxed, altered state of consciousness. 


The 5 levels of mind

Former monk Rajan Shankara talks about the 5 levels of mind & how we can access higher states of consciousness by understanding our mind, subconscious & superconscious.


Let the sounds heal you

'First hand experience is greater than third hand knowledge'.


Rokas inspires a new generation

Rokas Stasiulaitis is a 21 year old AI/Robotics student who started the Man in the Making podcast to help youth better manage depression, confusion & finding meaning and purpose.


Bach’s Chaconne: One of the greatest achievements of mankind

Bach’s Chaconne is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. It’s not just music it’s poetry, energy & a metaphor for life. It helps me appreciate the ability to hear, to feel, to be able to convert sound frequencies into emotion. 


The Pianist without borders

The incredible benefits of earthing

Earthing or grounding refers to the discovery of benefits from walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems that transfer the Earth's electrons from the ground into the body.


The ultimate sleep guide for problem skin

Sleep is critical for health, well being and performance. Poor sleep disrupts
mood, attention and thinking. Insufficient sleep can even affect the microbiota in your gut. Learn how to optimise your sleep according to the latest science.


Cymatics. The Art of Sound

Cymatics is the study of visible sound vibration & shows the transformational nature of sound on matter. The vibrational frequencies form mesmerising geometric shapes, each with a different pattern like snowflakes.


The 116 images NASA wants aliens to see

See the 116 images that NASA chose to represent humanity on The Golden Record. This record may be all that is left of humanity one day. What does it say about humanity? What would you want our legacy to be?


How music can change the world of education with Alex Akal

Alex has pioneered a new interactive method of teaching using music classes to connect children to other cultures by experiencing the instruments and music styles played by different tribes, countries and ethnicities around the world.


Growth is inevitable with Kevan Kwok

Our founder Kevan Kwok chats with Raj & Rokas from the Man in the Making Podcast in a philosophical chat about forming world views, spirituality, free-will, karma, pain, mental health and skin problems.



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