The Conscious Health Bible E-book
The Conscious Health Bible E-book
The Conscious Health Bible E-book
The Conscious Health Bible E-book
The Conscious Health Bible E-book
The Conscious Health Bible E-book
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The Conscious Health Bible E-book

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The first skin health system for sensitive, problem skin & conscious living | Digital PDF

After trying everything for his chronic eczema, fatigue and asthma, Kevin wrote this book to share his knowledge and passion for skincare and health. The Conscious Health Bible is a skin health system and holistic health plan that covers everything from products to lifestyle factors, allergens, environment, mental health and a specific Problem Skin Diet. It has been written based on over 30 years of personal experience and is supported by extensive academic research. 

Written for those struggling with chronic health conditions and skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, sensitive skin or dermatitis and wanting to target the root cause of their problems. Also ideal for those conscious of all aspects of their health and wanting to understand the connection between the mind, body and soul. A candid book only someone with skin problems could have written.

The basis behind the book?

Skincare is only one part of the health equation. When we are dealing with chronic autoimmune & health problems, we need to understand the interaction between diet, lifestyle, personal care, environmental & mental influences that together create health. 

Applying an external cream might relieve symptoms in the short term, but this does not target the root cause. The book is designed to help restore your health by fixing your inner health & skin barrier through a specific diet, removing contact allergens & fixing your mindset & lifestyle. I hope you walk away with a sense of self empowerment, an expanded view of health & an appreciation for your body, nature & spirituality.

What you will learn

1. The genetic, environmental, allergen, diet & lifestyle causes of skin problems.
2. Our approach to problem skin treatment compared to the traditional approach.
3. A skincare & personal care plan. 
4. An understanding of the true effects of cortisones & immune suppressants.
5. How to rebalance your gut with The Hypoallergenic Diet.
6. How to balance an overactive immune system, internally & externally.
7. Detailed lifestyle & wellness advice for problem skin including optimising showering, sleep, itch, laundry & health modalities. 
8. An understanding of how mental, emotional & spiritual health effects our skin & health. I honestly bare the mental difficulties of having chronic health problems.
9. An exploration of Aetherialism - Philosophy from the Aether developed to help navigate the complexities of life & foster self realisation. I give you tools to help empower yourself & cover meditation, sound therapy, grounding, my 10 guiding life principles, meaning, death & the nature of reality.  
10. An understanding of The Flower of Health & how the various aspects of our health & lifestyle interact with each other.

'This book is for anyone struggling with chronic skin and health problems. For those who have been let down by the traditional systems and want to take full responsibility for their own health. Even if you are not struggling with a chronic skin or health problem, this book is useful for becoming more conscious of yourself and your health. 

I struggled with eczema, asthma, allergies and depression for the first 18 years of my life and was frustrated and confused by the inconsistent, biased and shallow information out there. No one had created a systematic solution for true health & connected the interrelated aspects of health.

I've referenced over 100 academic sources & synthesised copious amounts of information in order to simplify things. Based on my 33 years of lived experience, interaction with hundreds of customers, experience with the medical industry & scientific curiosity, I've created an innovative new model for skin health that is designed to balance the immune system, restore the skin & gut barrier & work holistically on overall health.

When you experience the depths of health despair, have your own body attacking itself and an autoimmune condition that is effected by everything from skincare to diet, stress and lifestyle, you develop a pretty sophisticated model of health.

My knowledge was born out of necessity. I almost lost the will to live. Taking full responsibility for my health gave me the opportunity to make life worth living. This book is the result of a tireless lifelong personal journey in pursuit of health & self realisation. It reflects everything I have experienced and researched to help your realise your highest physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

It's quite a spiritual book & I write it with love, as my dedication to humanity. A reflection of the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity. If nothing has worked for you, I can help you. Stay strong, know that you can and will heal”.

Kevin Kwok, 
Founder of Aether.

Human Health
Health is not merely the absence of disease or symptoms. True health is a state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. A state of balance in the mind, body and soul.

Someone who does not present any medically diagnosable symptoms, yet feels terrible is not truly healthy. True health views the skin and person as one part of an interconnected whole. Our skin is a reflection of our inner and outer health.

I want to change the way we view not only skincare but health in general. I believe our view of health must expand to include mental, emotional and spiritual health and that the mind, body and soul are interconnected.

Environmental Health
A human also exists in constant interaction with their environment, which effects their gene expression. We need to look at health not only on an individual level but the health of our planet, other species, nature and our relationship with one another.

A holistic view of health in turn elevates our personal health. If we pollute our environments and ecosystems, deplete our soils and don’t have any relationship with nature we harm our own health. A healthy individually therefore also considers their impact on other people, species and the environment.

Societal Consciousness & Health

We are materially wealthier than ever before, life expectancy, child mortality, literacy and most measures of human welfare have improved. Yet mental health issues continue to escalate with about 10.7% of the global population living with a mental disorder and 25% afflicted by mental illness at some point in their lives. Over 95% of the world’s population have health problems with a third experiencing more than five ailments.

Society’s illness is not merely a physical problem; it’s a mental, emotional and spiritual problem. The health of humanity is inextricably linked with our systems of production, consumption, governance, attention and meaning production. The health of humanity and the planet is our greatest challenge and it requires a major shift in consciousness for it has far reaching consequences in all areas of life.

Notes: This is an E-book & will be sent as an electronic file. We plan to publish a physical version of the book in the future. 

While this book is intended as a general information resource and all care has been taken in compiling its contents, this book does not account for individual circumstances and is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult a qualified practitioner or doctor. 

The opinions expressed in this book are of the author and have not been reviewed by an expert in a related field for accuracy, balance or objectivity. Content and other information presented in this book are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Neither the author nor the distributors can be held responsible for any loss, claim or action that may arise from reliance on the information contained in this book.