Interdimensional Art

Spotlight on artist Nicholas Gonzales (Psyclops Art). He digitally hand draws conscious interdimensional psychedelic art that he channels from another place.

My favourite piece is The Great Mother.

I love the harmonic yet unique balance of colour, the flowing geometry, the balanced composition, the blur between human, digital, nature, the masculine & the feminine. It's like she's looking through your soul.

Although it's a 2D image I can feel the multidimensionality that The Great Mother is emerging from. She has a calming, regal, loving presence.

It's also coloured in a way that it naturally looks fluorescent without any blue lights hitting it. Accidental genius right there.

Although he's quite introverted & humble I believe in him so I convinced him to come and exhibit a few pieces at our Persephone Awakes fashion/sound/art show for the first time.

Checkout Nicholas Gonzales 
@psyclopsart & on his Etsy Store

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