How to use sound healing & tibetan bowls to meditate.

'Sound is medicine. Find your frequency'. Sound can be both poison & a powerful natural healing medicine so we should be more aware of the sounds we are allowing in to our field. I've been to hundreds of sound baths all over the world & have my own collection of healing instruments. We are energy, the sound is energy & by regularly listening to pure tones we can recalibrate ourselves. 

It's also a great anchor point for meditation as it effortlessly gets you out of your head. Sound therapy activates the parasympathetic nervous system or our ‘rest and digest state' and disengages the fight or flight repsonse. It also significantly reduces stress levels which effects the immune system. Sound has been used in meditation and healing across the world for thousands of years.

I think a sound bath likely helps recalibrate us and negate many of the effects of noise pollution. If we are nature, it's important to distance ourselves from the noise pollution of traffic, static, TV, construction, sirens, most pop music and listen to pure natural tones regularly. Maybe that's part of the reason we like listening to the oceans and rivers. Maybe some sounds subconsciously remind us that we are in a safe environment.

Usually a sound bath will focus on one set of instruments. Mainly gongs, Tibetan bowls or Crystals bowls. Feel what sound resonates for you. Different sounds can resonate at different times depending on your needs.

A crystal bowl bath feels more ethereal & creative, a Tibetan bowl more grounding & a Gong more energising/powerful.

Highly recommend everyone to try a sound bath especially if you are stressed, need balancing or trying to meditate & struggle. It helps you let go of overthinking and just be completely there with the moment. I've been doing it almost monthly for years.

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