Why do certain fabrics irritate your skin & make you itchy?

Why do certain fabrics irritate your skin & make you itchy?

Certain fabrics such as wool, man-made fabrics like acrylic, polyester, rayon, acetate, nylon and wrinkle resistant fabrics tend to cause more skin irritation due to the chemicals that are used to create them.

Fabrics on clothing and furniture can also collect dust and irritants so make sure to wash them regularly.

It is best to stick to 100% cotton & other natural organic materials such as hemp, jute & bamboo which are breathable, sustainable & natural fibres. As they are not made of petrochemicals or plastic you are also not harming the environment by adding microplastics from wash & wear.

Choose clothing which is made without treatment with additives such as those applied to create wrinkle free clothing. Make sure you wash old or vintage clothes which collect a lot of dust and always wash new clothes before the first use.

It's important to use a gentle eco friendly, fragrance free laundry liquid or even better our Organic Soap Berries which are completely hypoallergenic & compostable to wash your clothes.

Bedding, clothing, towels, furniture all are in constant contact with the skin so it's important to target this crucial source of potential irritation.

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