Healing Bioclay
Healing Bioclay
Healing Bioclay
Healing Bioclay
Healing Bioclay
Healing Bioclay
Healing Bioclay
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Healing Bioclay

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Organic Wyoming Bentonite & French Green Clay for clearer, healthier skin.

Eczema • TSW • Psoriasis • Acne • Rosacea
Hypersensitive • Inflamed • Congested

Deep cleansing • pH balanced • Toning
100% Natural & Organic • Vegan • Hypoallergenic

This double clay blend detoxifies, purifies & tones the skin naturally. Its volcanic bentonite clay ash particles have a negative charge which draw toxins & impurities such as metals, bacteria & excess oils. Pores are cleared & dead skin is removed. With over 70 trace minerals, it nourishes the skin.

French green clay is very high in iron oxides, kelp & ocean trace minerals which adds to its colour. For centuries, it has been used by the French for wound healing. Its addition makes this clay suitable for even the most problem skin.

As a multifunctional powder, you can make a facial clay paste, a poultice for use on wounds or in a bath. 

'What you think, you become. 
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create'

'Dating back to the prehistoric era, the earliest humans used clay to treat minor ailments such as food poisoning, aches and pains, infections, and mineral deficiencies internally. Externally, clay & mud was used to cure wounds, soothe irritations & as a method of skin cleaning. Animals also instinctively, eat and roll in mud for the same purpose. 

Clay has always been one of the few things I could use to cleanse my skin. It would deeply clear my pores without irritating my skin. Whenever my skin was inflamed or infected I would make myself a clay poultice. I chose two of the most beneficial and researched therapeutic clays which have shown promising antibacterial properties on difficult to treat skin problems

Kevin Kwok, 
Founder of Aether.

1. Clever
We use skin identical & biomimicking ingredients that the skin can metabolise. Our products are pH balanced to support the skin's acid mantle.

2. Conscious
We are 100% vegan, cruelty free & inclusive. Our ingredients are ethically sourced, 100% natural, organic where possible & GMO free.

3. Clean
We have crafted the safest, gentlest products possible. We are free from fragrances, colour, alcohol, silicone, essential oils, petrochemicals, steroids, parabens, ethoxylates, formaldehyde, dairy, soy, gluten, nuts*. *No true nuts are used as macadamia & coconut are seeds & drupes.

4. Considered
Our products contain less than 10 ingredients & are free from common allergens & irritants. Most natural products contain multiple essential oils & botanical extracts & over 30 ingredients, which increase their potential for irritation.
Skin feel: Cooling, velvety & rich on application. As it dries, your skin will feel slightly tighter as the clay draws the impurities out."

Character: This is a waterless powder containing our blend of two clays. 

 Apply it more thickly to problem skin areas or oily areas. Apply 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick of hydrated clay. Leave for 5-10 minutes for dry or sensitive skin & 15-20 minutes for normal or oily. It should still be moist, not completely dry & flaking when you wash it off. Use every 1-2 weeks.

Dose: Mix 2 parts water with one part clay to form a paste. A brush helps with mixing & application. The pH has been balanced so only water is needed. Use non metal bowls & utensils. Use ¾ of a cup in a bath tub with luke warm water. Bathe for 25 minutes then rinse with water. 

Pair with: Use our All Cleanser for regular cleansing and the Healing Bioclay for a deep cleanse or irritated skin treatment. Apply our Biomime Cream 297 after cleansing. 

All ages including on the face, scalp & body. Ideal for oily, weeping, congested, wounded or acne prone skin as a clarifying treatment. Also useful as a regular deep cleanse. Use for facials, baths, hair masks, skin treatment, dandruff, insect bites & diaper rash. 

100% natural, biocompatible & organic ingredients. No compromises, only the safest, most effective ingredients from nature & science. We believe in ingredient transparency & literacy. See our standard & ingredients pages to learn more.

1. Sodium Bentonite
    Organic bentonite volcanic clay from Wyoming, USA. 
2. Montmorillonite
    Organic green clay from Montmorillon, France.
3. Citric Acid
    Organic acidic pH adjuster from fermentation of a vegetable carbohydrate.
Origin: Made in London, UK. Australian owned.
Packaging: Standing, resealable, Kraft paper bag.
Recycling: All our cardboard packaging is biodegradable and can be placed in your household recycling. Our formulas are biocompatible so any excess product washed down the drain is biodegraded. Our paper bags are fully recyclable and can be placed with your normal household recycling.
Storage: Store under 30°C, out of direct sunlight.
Shelf Life: Use by best before date on the label. 
Notes: For external use only, please patch test before use.

Shipping: We ship globally using Royal Mail & Hermes to over 230 countries. 

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