A Philosophical Chat with Kevin

Our founder Kevan Kwok chats with Raj & Rokas from the Man in the Making Podcast in an intense, philosophical & thought provoking podcast. 

In this episode we discuss many topics ranging from forming fundamental world views, spirituality, free-will, karma, pain & hardship, mental health, critical thinking, the mental effect of chronic skin problems and more. 

This photo was from a shoot in the Aether with Italian anthropologist, filmmaker & documentary photographer Valeria Luongo @va.luo.

Valeria has spent the last few years documenting the alternative & spiritual communities in London.

I met Valeria at a community sound event I co-organised, designed to help bring together different cultures, communities & people together using the power of sound.

She interviewed me about my ethos behind the event, how I view spirituality, the people I've met & how these experiences have shaped my world view.

This will eventually become part of an exhibition.

I love this portrait she took as it captures a very direct side of me, looking straight in to the camera.  I wanted to connect directly with the soul of whoever was looking at this photo.

Spirituality to me is about connecting with self, other & whole. It's not an aesthetic, an activity group or aspirational lifestyle.

It's about wisdom, connection & growth. Better understanding your self (inner & outer), others (species & people) & whole (nature, universe, source). Essentially it's about being & becoming more conscious & connecting with life itself.

Yet you must start with understanding your true self.

Who are you?

Most people would answer that with a combination of external, material labels. Yet you are more than your skin, religion, looks, clothes, inj. status, political beliefs, labels, job, education, nationality, ethnicity, opinions or 'class'.

They reflect your role in society, how others might perceive you & shape your lifestyle & ego identity but do not define you. The whole you. Or the true you. How can they if they are constantly changing?

What is it that is stable throughout your life?
It’s that inner awareness, that inner consciousness, the energy, the soul.

That is the true you.

I'd distill my philosophy to:

First hand experience is worth more than third hand knowledge.
What is more beautiful than growing from your pain?
Don't rely on an external source to believe in your eternal greatness.
Always be developing your understanding of self, other & whole.
I hold no beliefs, everything I think I know is merely my best guess.

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