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The genesis of Aether

In the depths of a sound meditation, the word Aether came to Evan. Aether is the Greek primordial God of light & space. The luminiferous aether is a substance believed to fill the universe & was the universal medium for light to propagate. Evan named it Aether as a homage to the interconnection of all life. That which connects & pervades all life, the quintessence, the spirit & the primordial consciousness of all life. A platform for the propagation of health, freedom & consciousness in all of areas of life. One inspired by nature, community, science, art, philosophy, consciousness, traditional & modern healing & self realisation. At the end of 2020, after 6 years, 297 batches, reviewing hundreds of academic papers & over 1000 experiments, he finally invented the Biomime Cream 297. Named after the final batch number. The first cream to biomimic the skin's skin surface lipids.

The Aether symbol is an equilateral triangle tetrahedron, representing the balance of the mind, body & soul & the elevation of our physical, mental & spiritual health when we are connected to The Aether. Our mission is to help you realise your highest potential, connect you to the source of life & make the world a more harmonious, interconnected & conscious place. The 'Aether Green' colour is inspired by the rolling hills, pine trees & wrought iron park benches of Greenwich Park. During lockdown, the park became a daily ritual & oasis. A place to reflect, plan & be. From the home of time, the GMT meridian line, Evan launched Aether to make a mark in space & time.

The expression of Aether

Aether exists to lift the health & consciousness of humanity. We're here to empower you with the knowledge, products & support to realise your highest expression physically, mentally & spiritually. We specialise in your skin problems including eczema, TSW, psoriasis, acne & sensitive skin with the world's first complete skin health system made of our natural biocompatible products & holistic health system.

Aether was founded in London, UK in late 2021 by Australian Kevan Kwok who struggled with chronic eczema for the first 20 years of his life. Frustrated by the unnatural, symptom suppressive approach of the medical system, he sought to do better. He was determined to create the best possible solution to help others live with dignity & freedom, unchained by the bonds of problem skin. Join us on our mission to improve 1 Million Lives. It's time. Realise Yourself.

A before and after image of Kevan Kwok, creator of The Hypoallergenic Diet and founder of Aether Health. The image shows his skin before and after The Hypoallergenic Diet