Aether: A Missionary Vision

Our World Vision

We envision a more collaborative, conscious, open minded world that fosters the growth of life potential.
A more balanced world. A world where people, species and planets can live in harmony with one another.
A world where we celebrate our differences.

A world that values the invaluable. That counts quality of life rather than years of life. That values the character of a person rather than their charisma. A fairer world that is conducive to human flourishing, no matter where you are born. Where we do the right thing; not to show that we are, not because we are forced, but because it is the right thing. A world where we are willing to ask the hard questions.
Where more can realise their potential.

A world where we are not just connected, but meaningfully so. A world that takes time to reflect, not just when it is forced to. A world where we understand nature, our nature and our connection with nature.
A world that values quality of growth rather than just growth. A world that is conscious of its consumption, rather than mindless in its consumption. A world where we regenerate, not just degenerate.

A world where we maintain and elevate what makes us human. A world where we aspire to be of value, not just to be valued. A world that leaves the next generation with hope and meaning. A world where more people have courage in their convictions. A world that values differences of opinions, not just conventional belief. A world where the walls between disciplines are broken down to unleash a new level of collaborative human potential.

A world driven by understanding, not just growth. A world where we treat others how we would like to be treated. A world where we only sell what we would ourselves buy. A world where we treat our planet like we treat our own home. A world that understands the difference between knowledge and wisdom. That values the only planet that can sustain human life naturally. One that has the wisdom to not export its way of life until it can do so sustainably for itself. That understands what it doesn’t do is just as important as what it does. That doesn’t do something just because it can, but because it is just.

The health of the average individual reflects the health of the planet. The health of our planet reflects the health of our consciousness. True growth is inevitable, but the urgency for growth is greater than ever. Throughout history, we have witnessed the worst sides of human nature. The capacity for destruction, manipulation, greed and evil. One that creates war, poverty, famine and destruction.

Yet through our darkest times we have witnessed the immutable, expansive nature of the human spirit.
One that is innately good, one that has thrived through collaboration, one that is adaptable to change, one that has the capacity to die for its convictions, one that can show love despite being shown hate, one that is capable of learning, exploring and questioning its own existence. One that creates language, art, music, systems of collaboration and the ability to explore space.

For choosing good when we have the capacity for evil is what makes us great.

We envision a world driven by harmonious growth, not just monetary growth. One that values the health of humans, other species and the environment. Where we reconnect with nature, understand we are nature and bring forth our greatest human nature. We envision a world where we have the courage to learn from our mistakes and the wisdom to focus on our greatness.
A conscious earth.
A healthier, happier, more harmonious haven for all.
Life depends on it.

Our Company Vision

We envision a new type of skin health brand. One that expands skincare beyond products to the balancing of the physical, mental and spiritual. A health promoting force and conscious community that empowers & improves lives. One that frees people from the confines of their skin so they can realise their potential.

We are building a transparent, innovative, all natural skin health brand with minimal, bio-compatible, natraceutical formulas designed for sensitive and problem skin. We believe that everyone should have access to clean, beautiful, effective natural products. A conscious brand that can be depended on for integrity, honesty and true health promotion.

We apply our holistic health philosophy to improve personal care, health, lifestyle and human potential.
To create one trusted platform for health promoting products, services, experiences and community to create a healthier, happier, more realised world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you realise your highest potential, making the world a healthier, more conscious place. We aim to support your body's innate ability to heal naturally.

Our core line and skin health system reflect our health driven mission. They are simple, multifunctional and assist you with natural healing. The line allows you to replace your core personal care products, fix your laundry solution and balance your inner and outer health through balancing diet, lifestyle, allergen contact & environmental factors.

We want to empower you with the health tools which work best for you. You'll find a number of healing and wellness recommendations throughout our website and book. These include guided meditations, sound therapy, breathwork, conscious music, interesting podcasts, useful philosophy and lifestyle tips.

We are here to support you on your health journey. Join our community of change makers, artists, philosophers, warriors, healers & scientists united in making the world a healthier place.

Welcome to The Aether