Ode to Omni

A divine channeling from above & below The Aether


Present be thy self. Present be thy soul.
For kingdom come, thy self be done, the soul as it is in one-dom.
Give all this day, what come what may, take stride in the coming, dance in the rain.

Avoiding one’s pain, avoiding one’s growth,
Let toil just throw.
For what creates growth?

Lowest is man not groweth himself.
Highest is man who reveals himself.
Woman is balance. Woman is man.
Female is male. Circle life giveth dance.

Forgive those this day, for they know not of sin.
Good and bad existeth within.
Nothing good nothing bad.
All is but one, contempt maketh sad.

Rejoice in thy name, Omni is one.
For we are all human, sentient, not done.

I heard there was a sacred chord, for he who listens, it strikes reward,
the beauty and the solace overcomes you.
Set free from bonds of chair, the throne, the hair, the veil not there.
The beauty and the moonlight speaketh too you.
Listen to you.
Listen through you.
Listen to and through you.

The balance in life of minor falls and major lifts reveals it all.
The light is coming through to you.
Listen to you.
Listen through you.
Listen to and through you.

The beauty reveals itself to you.
The sound reveals, the drop reveals, the sky reveals, the nature feels, the quantum fields.
Jeff of sound to you.
Earth, fire, wind, water start. What maketh the heart?
A fifth to the start?
The pulse, the start?

One can tell, what makes, it’s a clue, reflect of nature, don’t listen feel, do.
For complex we are but simple within.
Breathe giveth life.
The clues lie within.
Above as below, below as above.
Mind over matter, infinity from love.

Within the one, rejoiceth of life for it listens to you and through you for life.

Transcribed 03/06/19
Evan Kwok