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Accelerate your healing by working directly with us to get to the root cause of your skin problems. We will develop a personalised plan & systematically target your diet, lifestyle, environment, personal care & mindset to restore bodily health. Ongoing follow up & guidance is available to support you every step of the way.
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The Conventional Approach is flawed

There is no quick fix

Steroids only suppress symptoms

Aether Health Approach

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Tammy has sensitive skin & often gets rashes in the crevices of her arms & behind her knees. We recommended she avoid harsh soaps, wear organic clothing materials, wash her clothing in soap berries, use a separate towel for her hair & body to avoid detergent transfer & use a minimal amount of our cream after showering.

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Lisa has always had terrible eczema & rashes on her face & was afraid to leave the house.  'My skin was so dry & stressed it looked like I had gotten a virus like shingles'. We recommended she change her cleanser & laundry powder which could be causing her issues. After using our products & Skin Health System her skin completely transformed.

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I had chronic eczema from birth as well as asthma & multiple food & chemical sensitivies. At one point I also developed anaphylaxis to peanuts & severe depression. I tried every immune supressant, miracle diet & alternative therapy include UV, Chinese herbs & even urine! I realised I needed to balance the health of my body not just suppress it.

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Personal Consultation

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Follow Up Consultation: 45/60 mins

2 weeks after our Initial Consultation, I'll review the changes we've made, your progress & tailor our plan accordingly.

After the first consultation I'll send you a template to fill with the personal products you are using. We'll review your diet, lifestyle, stressors & flares based on the data you've inputted. This will allow me to identify core triggers.

We'll also talk through any mental, emotional or spiritual issues that may have come up. The goal is to heal your skin & gut barrier to balance an often overactive immune system to restore health.


Regular Follow Up: 30/45/60 mins

Regular follow ups for those who have been through our Initial Consultations to provide ongoing support. Every 1-2 months is suggested.

Everything is connected & mental issues can result in physical issues. We can discuss everything from diet, to skincare, life purpose & lifestyle changes such as exercise, meditation or alternative health modalities to integrate.

As The Hypoallergenic Diet is staged & based on healing your gut lining & balancing your immune system, I'll make diet recommendations based on your progress.


Open Chat: 45/60/75 mins

Open ended chat to talk about whatever you need to support your mental, emotional & spiritual growth. Open to all.

Areas to explore include understanding your true self, life purpose & meaning, the nature of reality, philosophy, alternative health modalities (such as sound healing, meditation), the science of spirituality, developing self belief & plant medicines.

Physical healing is intertwined with the metaphysical. Talk with someone who understands what it's like to have had a chronic illness & develop your inner being.