We transformed the lives of hundreds of warriors with chronic skin & health problems. We've now relocated from Australia to the UK & relaunched with new branding & products. Please reach out if you need help, we would love to help you in any way possible.




Tammy from Australia has sensitive skin, is sensitive to insect bites & sometimes gets rashes in the crevices of her arms & behind her knees. These areas are prone to irritation as the skin there is thinner, there is more skin on skin contact, it is a warmer environment. The thinner skin combined with the warmer environment makes it prone to irritant penetration. We recommended she stop using harsh soaps, wear only organic clothing materials, wash her clothing in eco laundry liquid or soap berries, keep showers short, use a separate towel for her hair & body to avoid detergent transfer & use a minimal amount of our cream after showering.

Tammy Truong, Brand Manager from Sydney, Australia.


'Hi, I’m Lisa. I have always had terrible eczema & rashes on my face and was living a nightmare and scared to leave the house! I discovered pearl cream in a pharmacy about 4 years ago & it was like a miracle. My skin has completely turned around as you can see by the before and afters, which were only taken a few days apart and it has completely changed my life. The first photo was a photo I took on my phone that I sent to my boss when my skin went mental & I had to take the week off work. My skin was so dry & stressed it looked like I had gotten a virus like shingles. Not good! The second shot was taken a few days later. I still had a bit of eczema but the side of my face is tight & shiny where the old skin peeled off. I continued applying this in the mornings after my showers and instead of tomato face my normal skin is back! It completely peeled all of the horrid skin and hello amazing!!! Miracle Pearl cream healed this in days, it's like it never happened! My friends & family can attest to the madness of my skin & can testify to its complete revitalisation'.
Lisa Hindman, Mother from Menai in NSW.


Our founder Kevin struggled with chronic eczema, asthma, acne and chronic eczema for the first 18 years of his life. His skin was always itchy, raw and often infected. He tried every commercial cream he could get his hands on and was on strong  cortisones for the first 15 years of his life but felt helpless as nothing worked. He would often wake up surrounded by blood and dead skin and has had to endure some very tough times due to his skin problems. Unable to find anything that worked Kevin spent years researching the role of diet, allergen avoidance, lifestyle choices and created a cream that would work on his extremely sensitive skin. You can see the drastic difference in the photos and he has really been given a new lease on life. He launched Aether to help others with their skin.

Kevin Kwok, Founder of Aether.

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We have helped hundreds of people change their life and transform their skin through our previous skincare company in Australia. We are now based in the UK, further improved our original skin health system and relaunched with a new brand and line of products. We're excited to have you join the community and looking forward to helping you however we can.  

"I am official your new Hyaluronic Serum mascot! I absolutely love the stuff & recommend it to everyone. I'm taking a drop with my moisturiser almost every evening & my skin has never felt better"
Sebastian T. London, UK - 19/04/22.

"I've tried everything on my cracked heels for 20 years & nothing has worked like your beautiful products. Thank you, I can walk without pain again, I've tried everything from laser to expensive creams & nothing has worked like yours. I've been using the clay paste weekly, then using the serum & cream on top right after showering. Bless you".
Dee C. Perth, AUS - 27/04/22.

"My skin feels amazing. I had a shower with the cleanser and creammed myself & I feel so nourished. Like wow. My skin never felt so good after a shower & cream".
Rosie K. London, UK - 05/03/22.

"Great product (Sea Salt Spray) if like me you are allergic to fragrance & chemicals. Enhanced my wave & hair feels thicker".
Louise Q. Glasgow, London, UK - 30/04/22.

"LOVE the cream, already ordered more :) just great stuff. I was really nervous using it because everything on my skin is so painful so I put some on a little patch on my arm. Within 1 minute I ended up covering myself in the cream it soothed it so much! My face has not looked better - thank you so much!!! I was reading the book you emailed me but have accidentally deleted it but it was making so much sense and really hitting home. Appreciate your work so much".
Stacey D, Bracken Ridge, QLD - 10/01/14

"The cream arrived and I tried it that night and by the next morning the red patches on my face had improved dramatically and a week later they have gone completely. So as you can imagine, I'm very pleased to have had such great results so quickly".
Deirdre O, Kaleen, ACT, 13/01/14

"Hi Kevin, I started to use the cream for my son on Wednesday. I saw big improvement after only one day. His skin feels more smooth and less red. He is not scratching since then. Thank you so much...I have friends whose kids are suffering from eczema as well. I will definitely recommend the cream.
Thank you again".
Di X, SA - 02/08/13 

"Hi Kevin, just wanted to let you know that I am amazed at how the cream has fixed my eczema. I used to constantly use cortisones and other ointments, now I can’t go anywhere without my miracle cream! I have also recommended it to 3 other people who have since purchased it and love it!".
Clare O, NSW - 05/06/13

"Thank you, this is the only natural cream that has worked for my 12 year old daughter, it's great to finally find something that actually works for her skin after 12 years of searching. Thank you!".
Helen H, Butler, WA - 26/03/13

"Hi Kevin, just wanted to let you know we were both so amazed at how well the cream worked for our son. He is 4 & 1/2 months old and had annular eczema which had been wrongly diagnosed as ringworm at 3 months. Everything I did to treat the 'ringworm' exacerbated the eczema and I couldn't understand why it kept getting worse. He had red scaly patches on both thighs, tummy, neck, arms and was itchy all over (including his scalp). He was waking up several times in the night because he was so uncomfortable. 
After just one day (2 applications) of the cream the redness was gone, swelling reduced and itching obviously almost eliminated. 2 days later we could hardly see some of the spots... It's now day 7 and its been pretty much all gone for a few days already. I knew I didn't want to put steroid creams on him at any cost so had tried calendula cream, propolis, pawpaw ointment... None of them really worked. I'm only breast feeding him so I'm taking a probiotic supplement with lactobacillus rhamnosus and have cut out dairy and wheat. Fingers crossed that's it! Thanks for all the tips and for getting back to us so promptly. I'm so glad it arrived in time so that we could get it to Fiji! Apart from his health, I'm getting more sleep now too!".
Fiona S, Fiji - 22/03/13

"It is by far the best cream I have used to treat his eczema and dry skin, and believe me I have used all of them! Thank you for doing whatever you did to get it back".
Christine M, Coogee, NSW - 03/09/12

"Hi Kev, just wanted to give you an update on your cream, WOW are we amazed. 2 days used and redness is totally gone, dryness has also subsided, we have never used a cream and had this result, thanks again for taking the time out to call us and give us amazing advice, my daughter has a new nick name for you "GOD"...Just a little update on this amazing cream, she has now gone from moisturising around 5 times a day, to once every second day. AMAZING".
Shannon L, Bendigo, VIC - 01/14/13

"Hi Kevin, Thank you so much for taking the time to write and for coming up with the cream. My son, 6 years old has mild Eczema, very dry skin and is always itchy. My sister in law introduced me to the cream and it is a miracle. He is less itchy and is skin is clearing up so quickly. Do you have samples that I can give to friends and family? Thank you again".
Mirna E, Greenacre, NSW - 20/12/12

"Hi Kev. Just letting you know I received the cream yesterday and I just wanted to say thank you. I used it last night and this morning and I do think it has helped my arms. They aren’t as red and itchy as they were, of course I realise I still need to find out what is causing this but at least the cream has given me some relief for now. Thanks again".
Jill S, Brisbane, QLD - 04/01/13

"Hi Kevin, I read your story on the website and was surprised how similar it is to mine. My eczema is so severe it stops me working, sleeping, going to the gym and doing things like lying in the sun, swimming etc. I trialled your cream and noticed drastic changes within hours. My skin felt relieved and calm and I had my first solid nights sleep without feeling itchy, hot and uncomfortable. My only concern is the cost, I go through creams so quickly as I have eczema all over my body and a 50g jar may only last me a couple of weeks. However, with the amount of pain my skin causes me, it's worth it. If you sell in bulk or in larger portions please let me know. Thanks".
Sarah B, Shailer Park, QLD - 27/12/12

"This is the only cream that helps my daughters face!! She has had severe eczema since she was born 8 years ago. Countless specialists, strong cortisone creams and trying everything on the shelves until we found this. THANKYOU so very much from a mum of a little girl who now has a fairly clear face and is growing in confidence :)".
Kirsty M, Australia - 07/10/12

"Thanks, I first heard about your cream from a shop assistant working at my local chemist here in Kingston Tasmania, she noticed my eczema and asked if I'd tried it. I have suffered severe eczema all of my life but have only recently found it to be the worst it has ever been putting it down to hormone changes during my recent pregnancy and currently now that I am breast feeding. Not wanting to use steroid creams on a daily basis because of their nasty side effects I was keen for another solution. Having tried everything I had ever heard of for my eczema with no great success, I was skeptical when told about your cream. Yet since trying your cream I have been amazed with the results having never found a product this fantastic! Thank you!".
Kelly S, Tinderbox, TAS - 25/05/12

"My sister in-law used to use your cream for my niece's eczema but hadn't been able to get it for quite some time. I have since had my third child and she has horrible excema. I have tried EVERYTHING on it to no avail. I am delighted to say that the cream has worked a treat!! Her skin is almost healed. The eczema was worst under her chin and on her neck but today it is barely even visible! Thank you, thank you!!".
Lyndal G, Mother from Unanderra, NSW - 24/02/12

"Hi Kevin. My wife has lupus and subsequently suffers from a rash caused by sensitivity to the sun. Thank you and well done for re-introducing this product. The pearl cream is the only cream that works on my wife's skin".
Jeff B, Account Manager from Hawthorne, QLD - 15/01/12

"Our daughter has been prescribed a range of prescription / steroid based creams for her eczema which have been totally ineffective. It is a shame the benefits of pearl cream are not known and/or not promoted by traditional Doctors. Within 4 days of using the cream, my daughter's arms which had been festering and weeping had totally cleared up. We are only using the cream every third day now as the benefits seems to be long lasting".
Scott P, Father, NSW - 07/03/12

"I am fairly new to the cream, but have found that a chronic problem I have had for 6 months has nearly cleared up (when cortisone creams etc did nothing)".
Jodie D, Manager from Berridale, BSW - 03/01/12

"My 7 year old daughter suffers from, mostly mild, eczema in the creases of her knees and elbows. I got this cream from a friend about 2 years ago and it just does the trick. We have tried many creams including cortisone creams. When I put the cream on her it did not hurt her when I applied it and it was gentle but effective. We used to call it the 'magic' cream. I was very glad to see that I could get it again. Thank you!".
Joanne F, Mother from Horsely, NSW - 28/02/12

"My daughter has had terrible terrible eczema since she was born - like you, we have tried all of the brands listed on your website to no avail. About 2 years ago we tried your cream and it really was a miracle. The eczema was gone, like it had never been there! Then after 6 months of using it, the supplier wasn't able to get it anymore - I was devastated. So we have been back on the super strong cortisone creams since then. Her eczema has had a very bad flare up lately, so I thought I would just double check if the cream was available yet. Then I found you!".
Tim W, Father from Idalia, QLD - 25/03/12

"My two year old baby daughter had a terrible rash all around her mouth. My friend had used pearl cream before and left me some to try. Within a few days my daughter's rash was clear! I bought 2 jars but then it was taken off the market. So happy it is now back. Thankyou!".
Suzanne L, Mother from Lidcombe, NSW - 27/03/12

"Just letting you know I've received the cream a few days ago and am really happy with the results so far. Thank you for reintroducing the product into Australia. I'm using it predominately for eczema. Before this I've used Caroline's Skincare, Sorbolene and QV; None have made a significant difference. Once I am nearly finished I shall reorder. I have passed the brochures to a few people too".
Thuy-Vy P from Cairnlea, Victoria - 20/04/12

"Like you, I have previously tried pearl cream with much success, similarly all other products I tried have not worked. As I deal with the public in my job and my eczema affects my face the most I was most distressed when unable to get further supplies. Luckily, I decided to try tonight and see if the product had come back onto the market as my eczema has flared up. What joy to find it is out there again, I have just put an order".
Natalie B from Salamander Bay, New South Wales - 19/04/12

"I have eczema and use it mainly on my face. It's incredible!!! I'm so glad it's on the market again".
Linda K from Tasmania - 27/04/12

"Hi Kevin, My son (4) has had eczema since he was a baby due to many allergies. A friend recommended pearl cream a few years ago and we used it with great success to keep his skin in great condition (truely amazing stuff!) We were quite devastated when it was off the market for so long. Nothing else we could find compared with pearl cream results".
Natalie F from South Hobart, Tasmania - 02/05/12

"I'm quite pleased with the results. No, more burning sensation from the cold wind. Thank you".
Peter T from Melbourne, Victoria - 04/07/12

"Hi Kevin, Thank you, I have received the cream and they're really effective. Last time you have asked for me to support and like the cream via Facebook, I don't have an Facebook account (I know right). I'll get my sister to support you once I see her. Keep up the good work".
Thuy P from Cairnlea, Victoria - 01/07/12

"Hi Kevin, I bought your cream a few months or so ago and have recently trialled it. It works well on my body and seems to keep the rash totally at bay. I have not had to use the steroid creams since using it over the last week...and that is something new for me. Thanks for your help and replies to my last few emails as well".
Ben C from Newcastle - 18/06/12

"Hi Kevin, Thanks for that. We went well with the first jar. It's really helped keep the kids' eczema under control".
Rochelle V from Springfield, New South Wales - 14/06/12

"Thank you for your reply. The cream was recommended to me by a friend of a friend who said they had great success with their child getting relief from eczema. I have chronic eczema and am sensitive to most creams I have tried so am hoping the pearl cream will suit me".
Carol H from Mudgeebraba, Queensland - 30/05/12

"I am very excited to have discovered your cream is back on the market. I originally purchased it about two years ago for my son who had bad eczema on his face and back. Your product was the only thing that cleared it up. I can’t actually remember how I found it, I think just perhaps reading through forums on the internet & the name may have come up through someone else’s success with it. My sons eczema has returned on his face again & I just thought I would “Google” your product again to see if it was back & thankfully I was in luck".
Marika W from Sunbury Victoria - 28/05/12

"I have been desperately trying to get this cream again as I started using it nearly 10 years ago and it worked wonders for my daughters eczema on her body and hasn't returned since, and that was with only a couple of applications. I also use it on my face iv very sensitive skin and every winter I get the same eczema type rash it's the only cream that actually works! I have searched everywhere since they took it off the Australian market and finally found a web post with a link to your site. I'm soooo happy to finally have some more :)) Thanx heaps".
Dominique D from Padstow NSW - 28/07/12

"Hi Kevin, Thank you for your email. I heard about the cream through my boss at work. He has a daughter who has severe eczema & it appears to have cleared up majority of her condition. A friend of mine suffers also from eczema on his hands & I have some problems with very dry skin on my face".
Vera P from Victoria - 05/09/12

"Thanks for the info Kevin. My sister found your cream was the only product to ease her 5 year old sons eczema. She was desperate when she could no longer buy the Miracle Pearl Cream, she ran around to stockists all over Sydney (& interstate) buying up any they had left. She is so happy it is available again. I'm sure a lot of people will benefit. Thank you!".
Bridget Z- 04/09/12