Are your clothes, bedding & towels helping or hurting you?

Everyday materials such as in our clothes, towels & bedding are a common source of irritants & toxins. They are often in direct contact with your skin & can lead to rashes, allergic reactions & disrupted hormone function, immune system & neurological development.

Common potentially toxic chemicals used in the production or finished product of materials include lead (for dying fabrics), phthalates (used to make plastics more flexible), PFC's (used to create water repellent clothing) & formaldehyde (toughening & antibacterial). These are not only bad for you but the chemicals used in production as well as the microplastics that degrade when washing are not good for the environment either. 

Choose light, breathable, quality 100% cotton, flax, hemp, bamboo or linen clothing. Organic when possible. Avoid irritating clothing made of scratchy, synthetic or dust prone materials such as wool, velvet or polyester. 
Avoid easy care, water repellent, flame-retardant, anti-static clothing which are treated with potentially irritating chemicals. Buy high quality clothing rather than fast fashion as it is more sustainable & holds its shape longer. Layer clothes to allow for heat control. 

If you have an item you want to wear that isn't made from an organic material, don't allow direct skin contact. Instead layer a tshirt or undergarment underneath. 

Only use soap berries to wash your clothes & avoid synthetic laundry powders, bleaches & softeners which build up on your fabric & are very irritating. 
Health is not the absence of symptoms. It's the flourishing & harmony of the mind, body & soul physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Skincare is but a pillar of health alongside diet, lifestyle, environment & mental health.

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