Can conscious experience ever be objective?

Many of the problems in society stem from a lack of empathy, a lack of being able to see things from another's perspective & from attaching our identity to a belief or ideology. People are often quick to judge one another & assert their thinking on to others.

Why is that?

It comes down to the nature of conscious experience itself, which is completely subjective. Your conscious lived experience & every thought, feeling, emotion & sensation you've experienced is completely contained within your own self. You can help people understand & get closer to what you are thinking & feeling but ultimately it will be less than your full experience. 

Only you know what it is like to have your particular conscious experience. You can help others get closer to how it feels with words, expression, art etc but there's no way for me to have exactly the same inner awareness of the experience nor is there a way to know how congruent both experiences are. Say there's a red balloon. There's no way for me to know whether the shade of red you see matches exactly with what I see.

Conscious experience can not be objective because conscious experience is a completely subjective experience. If we acknowledged this, it would create a much more harmonious, balanced society, help us be less judgemental & more empathetic. 

When I had chronic eczema for example, only I knew what it was like to have experienced every scratch, every infection, every sleepless night, every time I woke up & saw blood & dead skin all over my blankets, every time my hope for a new skincare product was crushed when it didn't work. Even those closest to me couldn't truly comprehend what it was like. 

They could see what I was going through, they could hear me talk about it, but there's nothing like the lived experience of it. Many people would often suggest I try coconut oil or a certain cream, many would suggest I see a dermatologist & many would judge you thinking you aren't trying hard enough. 

They are usually well meaning, but we don't live in a particularly philosophical society so most people are not aware of the limitations of their own conscious experience. Some are & they actively try to surround themselves with different friends from different backgrounds, travel, try new things, experience different states of consciousness & educate themselves.  

Most people don't analyse how it is that they developed their thinking. They aren't aware of the information they consume & the mechanisms & possible propaganda behind it. They see things how they are presented to them. For example they see mainstream news, with it's façade of being objective & authoritative & they convince themselves it is true. They don't stop to think that most of the endless expressions of media are actually owned by 6 large companies, who often own both sides of the story. The news they are being presented with often aligns with political & corporate interests & has a tone of fear or shock to keep the viewers attention. 

As people & groups accumulate money & power, they tend to want to centralise control & influence the consciousness of the masses in order to bring about their world views. Often times this stems from a lack of feeling of interconnection with other people, species & nature itself as well as not understanding who they truly are. The inability to feel the exact lived conscious experience of others & perhaps the limited social bubbles people are in exacerbate the problem. 

Yet over time, all life becomes more conscious. After 13.8BN years from a supposed big bang & single celled life forms we now have a human with a brain that is arguably the most complex structure in the known universe. The brain is made of about 100 billion neurons, as well as trillions of support cells called glia. Scientists estimate that the adult human body contains around 37 trillion human cells and 200 different cell types.

We can see life has become increasingly more complex & conscious or aware. If behaviour over time is indicative of the nature of a complex system, then this increasing complexity & diversity of life expression alludes to the fundamental reason reality might exist. To allow the universe to experience itself, to grow in level of awareness or consciousness & that the fundamental building blocks of reality itself is consciousness & not matter. 

The level of consciousness of any particular sentient being relates to level of awareness of it's being in relation to the self, other and whole. Self (inner & outer), other (within & outside of it's own species) & the whole (nature, universe, God). 

As an entity becomes more conscious, it is more aware of the interconnection of itself & other expressions of life. The dogged, closed minded, ego driven nature of the average modern human is a reflection of an immature state of consciousness. As we become more conscious which is inevitable, we will acknowledge the limitations of the conscious experience from the perspective of this material plane & know what we can't know. 

The only way consciousness can be objective is from the perspective of the one universal consciousness which I believe we are all fractals of. Like drops of water or waves in a unified oceanic field of consciousness. 

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