Top 10 Tips for Optimising Exercise when you have sensitive skin.

Exercise increases blood flow, nourishes skin cells, helps carry away waste products and detoxifies the body. It also decreases stress, improves circulation and your levels of serotonin and dopamine rise making you feel great.

Find exercise you enjoy. Find an activity that you enjoy and integrate it with your lifestyle instead of constantly forcing yourself to do something you don't want to. Maybe it's yoga, tai chi, hiking, swimming at the beach or walking barefoot in nature. It’s hard to stay motivated if you don’t enjoy it. Develop a routine: Find regular weekly classes that you integrate in to your lifestyle. 

When you exercise your skin heats up & sweats which can aggravate inflammation, especially if you have a lot of broken/exposed skin. The flexors of your skin including your elbows & under your knees should remain well ventilated. If you have a lot of raw skin try to exercise in a way that minimises sweating. 

10 top tips for exercising when you have sensitive or problem skin.

  1. Moisturiser: Always wash off all moisturiser before exercising as it can impede sweating & heat release causing irritation. 

  2. Clothing: Wear loose, breathable clothing made from natural fibres like cotton, hemp, jute & bamboo which regulate temperature more easily & don't contain harsh chemicals. Avoid wearing synthetic fibres like acrylic, polyester, rayon, acetate, nylon and wrinkle resistant fabrics tend to cause more skin irritation due to the chemicals that are used to create them. As your skin is more porous during exercise the irration potential is higher.

  3. Laundry: Only wear clothing once or twice before washing it, particularly tops & only once if you sweated heavily. Build up of sweat & bacteria can cause irritation & skin issues. Keep it well aerated if using more than once. Wash on the highest heat to kill bacteria & use irritant free natural soap such as soap berries to wash your clothes.

  4. Accessories: Use gym gloves particularly if you have dry hands to minimise skin abrasion. 

  5. Irritants: Be careful with surface sprays on equipment, layer with a towel to avoid contact & if extra sensitive wipe it down with plain water before using it. 

  6. Towels: When showering, use your own towel on your body instead of the gym towels which often have a build-up of strong detergents. Use the gym towels for your hair to minimise laundry.

  7. Showering: Take a cool shower immediately after to remove any excess sweat & irritants. If you don’t have a shower available at least wash your face, hands & the crevices of your body (inner arm, armpits & behind the knees) immediately after exercise & pat dry with paper towel.

  8. Swimming: Be careful at chlorinated pools as they can be irritating & drying. Apply a thicker layer of moisturiser as a barrier if you must swim in chlorine or preferably swim in sea water. Use the steam room or sauna after to sweat out any absorbed chlorine & shower after.

  9. Stretching: Always stretch before & after exercising to condition the body & mind. Use more energising music during your workout & more calming music post workout.

  10. Recovery: Use the steam room, sauna or jacuzzi massage jets to relax the muscles & improve circulation. Use the ice bath or take a cold shower to stimulate blood flow & recovery. Have deep tissue massages, meditation & sound healing to train the mind & relax the spirit. 

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